Vous allez découvrir à travers ce blog des Jeunes Photographes le projet initial de formation de ces adolescents de Rokpa. Il y a donc les photos d’avant le séisme et celles d’après, qui sont leur moyen de réagir et d’appeler à reconstruire le Népal. Voir le site des Young Photographers #NepalRecovery

Ils filment aussi pour témoigner de l’immense épreuve que traversent les népalais. Ce jour-là, les enfants ROKPA et Indreni distribuent de l’aide dans un village où personne n’était encore parvenu. Merci à eux !


“Today, many of the Young Photographers Nepal class are heading to nearby village Sankhu, a heavily affected area near Kathmandu. This is a remote area where people have been having a very hard time, and are short on food and water. Since we are safe here and could do something we are trying to reach them and ask if we could do something for their recovery by supporting them. It now the time where we all have to do something to help where we can.” -Krishna Hari Dulal, member of Young Photographers Nepal

Now we are asking your help as well. The Young Photographers Nepal project was made possible by 2 different Nepali-aid organizations, ROKPA International and the 108 Lives Project, and both of them are now asking for donations.

ROKPA International has been providing aid to Nepal and other countries with soup kitchens and childrens homes (like the one where all of the Young Photographers Nepal live) for 35 years. They are asking for donations.

108 Lives Project is heading to Nepal this coming fall to rebuild broken villages in remote villages and are asking for funds to help them do so. 108 Lives Project is also going to be supporting other organizations financially where needed. They are asking for donations.

Another fantastic organization that has come recommended to Young Photographers Nepal is GLOBAL GIVING, which will take your donation and give it to the charities in Nepal who can use your money best, you can donate to them.

However, when donating, please keep the following in mind. This has been a massive disaster and everyone in Nepal is affected. Right now, Nepal needs supplies, doctors, tents, etc., but for a proper #NepalRecovery, it will need help in the future as well. Please donate NOW, but keep in mind that most of the large-NGOs are still just figuring what exactly needs to be done where. In the coming weeks, I see smaller more smaller Nepali-based charities bursting up that will need your donations for specific reasons to have a sustainable Nepal Recovery. So please donate what you can now, but I think it’s wise to not forget that your donations will also be needed in the future when NGOs can list specifically what they need funds for to have a sustainable Nepal Recovery.

I told my friends at ROKPA to make these, it shows that no matter what happens love is the biggest thing.

I told my friends at ROKPA to make these, it shows that no matter what happens love is the biggest thing.